Ripple Rewards

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Ripple Rewards

As part of our Ripple Rewards program, our members share in our profits. Dividends have been declared on the balance in common shares.  Patronage has been earned, based upon the amount of business our members have with us.  Over the past ten years $1,669,816 have been returned to our members in the form of patronage and dividends. In addition, numerous sports clubs, registered charities and community groups have benefitted from Edson Savings and Credit Union Limited donations.



Our Patronage is based on your average monthly balance of the products you have with us.

Past Rates declared for patronage (subject to annual approval):
Deposits and/or Terms: can range from 5 to 15 basis points
Loan Accounts: can range from 5 to 15 basis points

All Dividends and Patronage are paid to your share accounts

Doesn't it make sense to deal with Edson Credit Union and get your share?

Profit Sharing

Profit Sharing

How It Works

The more business you have with Edson Credit Union, the more profit you share in.

As an example; let’s say you have the following products and carry monthly average balances with ECU for one year:

  • Pay As You Go Chequing balance: $1,000
  • Plan 24 Savings balance: $5,000
  • RRSP balance: $50,000
  • Personal Loan balance: $35,000
  • Residential Mortgage balance: $200,000
  • Common Shares balance $3,500

You would receive over $350 in Dividends and Patronage based upon past performance.

Common Shares Dividend

Dividends are calculated on the average monthly balance of your Common Share account less the required minimum balance of $25.00.


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