Complaints Process

Edson Credit Union will make every effort to resolve member concerns in a timely, efficient manner. We are committed to offering products and services that meet our member’s needs and provide good value.

Edson Credit Union employees, management and board of directors are committed to resolving misunderstanding, disputes and complaints in a professional, responsible and effective manner. If an occasion ever arises where you feel we have not lived up to this commitment, we have the following process to help you resolve your complaint.
In order to save you valuable time, please assemble all documentation concerning your concern and the names of any employees involved. Also, please be prepared to discuss the circumstances and any solutions you have that will help us rectify the situation.

Step 1

Please have a discussion with the person you feel is responsible for the actions that caused your concern; if you do not know who that person is please ask our staff for assistance. Edson Credit Union employees are able to assist you by answering questions or concerns you may have, on the spot.

Step 2

If this person is unable to resolve your concern to your satisfaction, it will be referred to their immediate Supervisor. You may also asked to have your concern reviewed by the Manager, Administration; Manager, Risk & Compliance or Vice President, Operations.

Step 3

If further review is required, the concern will be referred to the Chief Executive Officer and the Conduct Review Committee of the Edson Credit Union Board of Directors for resolution.

We feel confident that the majority of the issues will be resolved in step 1 or step 2; however, each member has access to the whole process if the issue is not resolved to their satisfaction. The member must follow the above steps in order to give Edson Credit Union the opportunity to resolve your complaint at the appropriate level and ensure a mutually satisfactory outcome.

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Mail: 4912 2nd Ave., P.O. Box 6118
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